100 vegetables for a healthy gut

The fibre from the vegetables we eat provide food for the bacteria in our gut. These fibres are indigestible by humans, but are broken down easily by our friendly gut bacteria and help them to reproduce and maintain their massive numbers – thus supporting balance in our microbiome and helping to support healthy digestion and immunity, as well as the myriad of other functions these tiny bacteria perform for us every minute of every day.

These bacteria also like variety and it is very easy to get in a vegetable rut, buying the same veg and cooking the same meals every week. Setting a target to eat 25 different vegetables a week can be a fun idea for the family and can help to broaden our horizons, whilst also giving our gut bacteria the variety they need.

If you are struggling for inspiration, don’t worry – we have put together a list of 100 different vegetables to help. See how many you can get into your meals this week…

Artichoke Aubergine Asparagus Legumes Alfalfa sprouts
Adzuki beans Bean sproutsBlack beansBlack-eyed peasBorlotti bean
Broad beansChickpeas Kidney beansLentils Butter beans
Mung beansNavy beansPeanutsPinto beansRunner beans
Split peasSoy beansPeasMangetout Broccoli 
Brussels sproutsCabbage Kohl rabiSavoy cabbageRed cabbage
Cauliflower Celery Endive Fennel Greens   
Bok choyChard Collard greensKaleMustard greens
Spring onionBell pepperChili pepperJalapenoHabanero
CeleriacWater ChestnutGingerParsnipRutabaga
RadishWasabiHorseradishWhite radishPumpkin
PotatoSweet potatoYamTurnipSpinach
SweetcornButternut squashJerusalem artichokeSpaghetti squashMarrow
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