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Lisa Snowdon - Beat the bloat - ProVen Probiotics

Helping To Beat The Bloat

Lisa Snowdon has recently spoken on radio and in the press about her struggles with bloating and the supplements she takes and foods she eats to help avoid this potentially embarrassing problem. Hear what she had to say over on her dedicated supporters page. The foods we eat can have both a direct impact on

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Bone broth recipe from ProVen Probiotics

Bone Broth: The Ultimate Gut-supporting Recipe

Bone Broth The number one recipe cited for gut support is chicken stock or broth. It is nutrient-dense, easy to digest and supports gut health. Simmering the bones and ligaments over a long period lets them release nutrients such as amino acids, fats, glucosamine, gelatin and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, silicon, sulphur and

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