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Exercise and gut health for a healthy life - ProVen Probiotics

Is exercise good for your gut?

Exercise and gut health Looking after our gut involves both diet and lifestyle – including eating healthily, staying hydrated and managing stress and sleep. The relationship between exercise and gut health is a strong one and needs to be considered when undertaking both exercise and dietary changes. One other piece of the puzzle is exercise

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Gut bacteria and IBS need to work together for a healthy gut | Pro-Ven Probiotics

Does gut bacteria cause IBS?

Gut bacteria cause IBS Answering one of the fundamental questions, ‘Does gut bacteria cause IBS?’ is a regular question we get asked. Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is one of the most common digestive disorders, defined by recurring episodes of abdominal pain and changes to bowel habits, along with reductions in health-related quality of life. A

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Young woman exercising to support her gut - ProVen Probiotics

Exercising to support your gut

Support your gut We all know that poor digestion can affect our mood – if our gut is ‘off’, we can feel uncomfortable, bloated, and lethargic and it can also affect our bowel movements. Whilst there is clear evidence to show that exercise supports mood, researchers have also shown that regular exercise can affect the

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Gut-Brain Connection with Probiotics where good bacteria affects mental health - ProVen

Gut-Brain Connection

Is there a gut-brain connection? Have you ever had an anxious feeling in your gut? Wondered if there is a gut-brain connection? Or felt angry, sad, happy, nervous or any other strong emotion and had a reaction in your tummy? We often use phrases like ‘gut feeling’ and ‘butterflies in my tummy’ when referring to

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How salt affects our gut bacteria - ProVen Probiotics

How salt affects our gut bacteria

How salt kills bacteria in your gut Gut bacteria are sensitive to salt and has been linked to autoimmune disease and hypertension. Common salt reduces the number of certain lactic acid bacteria in the gut of humans. This has an impact on immune cells which are partly responsible for autoimmune diseases and hypertension. Therefore, salt kills bacteria that is

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The Power of Your Immune Systems starts in the Gut - ProVen Probiotics

Your gut as your immune system

How the gut immune system nourishes and protects The immune system is the main link between our gut bacteria and their influence on our health and disease. And we now know that this education begins even before we are born. Did you know that around 70% of your immune system lives in your gut? And one of

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Signs of an unhealthy gut and how to heal it - ProVen Probiotics

Signs of an unhealthy gut and how to heal it

How to recognise an unhealthy gut? Many health issues have been linked to problems in the gut – ranging from digestive issues such as bloating, gas and diarrhoea, to food allergies or sensitivities, depression, anxiety and other mood issues, skin issues such as eczema and more serious health issues such as diabetes and autoimmune disease.

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Support your gut and in doing so, support your health - ProVen Probiotics

Support your gut, Support your health

How you should support your gut? If your digestive system is working well, you are probably not aware of it…but if it is underperforming, you are likely to have symptoms…from IBS symptoms to allergies, IBD to exhaustion, acne to eczema. Supporting your gut can vastly improve your health. Gut symptoms can result from a range

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Your gut health affects mental health and vice versa - ProVen Probiotics

Your gut health affects your mental health (and vice versa)

Gut health affects mental health The gut-brain axis, a two-way link between the central nervous system and the enteric system, could play a vital role in your mental health. Therefore, your gut health affects mental health and vice versa. Did you know that you have two brains? The one in your head, which along with the spinal

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Adult Acidophilus & Bifidus 25 Billion - research-backed friendly bacteria | ProVen Probiotics

Sunday Mirror recommends ProVen

ProVen recommended The Sunday Mirror recommends ProVen Probiotics Adult Acidophilus and Bifidus at the top of its list of probiotics. The Sunday Mirror focused on probiotics in its ‘Take 3’ column and placed ProVen Probiotics Adult product at the top of the list. The Sunday Mirror states that a healthy gut needs plenty of friendly

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