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ProVen Probiotics recent news articles

Get the kids outside and benefit from the circadian rhythm

Time to get our kids outside

It’s March next week, the end of another half-term and we are moving into Spring. Whilst the weather has been shocking recently, with one storm after another, the days are getting longer – and following the spring equinox on 21st March, we will move into even lighter evenings and more opportunities to get outside. Being

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Improve gut health for kids for a healthier life | ProVen Probiotics

How can I improve my child’s gut health?

Gut health for kids Gut health for kids can be a daunting task. The summer holidays can often feel like a constant round of providing food for the kids – breakfast, second breakfast, snack, lunch, second lunch, snack, tea, dinner…you get the message! As a result, it can also be a time when eating healthily

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School's out for summer so the kids can play - ProVen Probiotics

School’s out for summer…

Summer is here and we are all looking forward to long days of sunshine and fun. Appreciating that school’s out for summer can bring so much joy and freedom too. Vitamin D is produced by the action of sunshine on the skin, so the more time we can spend outdoors in the sunshine, the more

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Support your child’s brain through their gut - ProVen Probiotics

Support your child’s brain through their gut

Supporting your child’s gut and brain development Probiotics help the body digest and absorb nutrients from food so that your child can grow and maintain a healthy weight and increased energy levels. Due to the gut-brain connection, children with unhealthy gut microbiomes may experience more problems with learning, attention, and memory. Therefore, supporting your child’s

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Happy and healthy play in the great outdoors in Winter - ProVen Probiotics

Reasons to play outdoors in winter

The health benefits of outdoor play in winter for children are significant in any season. The outdoor play presents its own unique opportunities for learning and discovery, which are essential for a child’s development. Judging by the number of people sniffing and coughing around me, autumn is upon us and the children are back at

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Friendly bacteria to reduce antibiotic use in infants and children

Kids and Playground Bugs

Viruses are spread by direct and indirect contact with other people, surfaces and objects. They are more likely to be spread by children as they are less likely to wash their hands properly or to put their hands over their mouths when coughing and sneezing. Kids are also much more likely to be in close

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Friendly bacteria to reduce antibiotic use in infants and children - ProVen Probiotics

Friendly bacteria to reduce antibiotic use in infants and children

How to reduce antibiotic use? This week has seen the Daily Mail reporting that taking probiotics daily reduces the need for children to take antibiotics by almost a third. The article is based upon the latest review paper on this subject to be published in the European Journal of Public Health.[1] The paper reviewed 17

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