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Lactobacillus & Bifidobacterium reduce risk of NEC in pre-term babies

Pre-term babies The study showed that the administration of multispecies Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium combination probiotics was associated with a significantly decreased risk of NEC and late-onset sepsis in the NICU at Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital. This evaluation supports the routine use of multi-species Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium combination probiotics for preventing NEC in very preterm

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Association between gut microbiome and stunted growth in prem babies

The gut microbiome The more abnormal the microbiome in NICU infants, the more likely they are to experience stunted growth even at 4 years of age. While the growth stunting of premature infants has been well known, the role of the microbiome has not been investigated. The effects of the gut microbiome on this growth

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Chemicals and microbes differ by living environment

Microbes in living environments Microbes are everywhere in the biosphere, and their presence invariably affects the environment that they are growing in. Perhaps unsurprisingly, researchers have found that the bacteria and chemicals in city homes differ greatly from those found in jungle huts. Whilst city homes are rife with industrial chemicals, cleaning agents and fungi, jungle huts were

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Diet recommendations for those with depression

Diet for depression Recent studies indicate that patients with depression have gut dysbiosis. This new study recommends that patients with depression or vulnerability to depression should follow a plant-based diet with high levels of grains/fibres and fish. TG Dinan et al. Feeding melancholic microbes: MyNewGut recommendations on diet and mood. DOI: Want to know

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Foetal exposure to the maternal microbiota

A new study is challenging the understanding that a baby’s gut is sterile until birth, demonstrating that a foetus has its own microbiome or communities of bacteria living in the gut. This study suggests that this foetal microbiome is transmitted from the mother during pregnancy and the findings suggest the potential for interventions during pregnancy

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