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SIBO – an in-depth update

With SIBO appearing more prevalent and discussion around testing methods, Nutritional Therapist, Adrienne Benjamin, takes a closer look. Can you explain what SIBO is? Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) is an increase in the number and/ or changes in the types of bacteria present in the small intestine (SI). [1] The official definition is an

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The impact of antibiotics on the microbiota - ProVen Probiotics

The impact of antibiotics

We know antibiotic treatment has an effect on the microbiota but what about the immune system? Here, Nutritional Therapist, Adrienne Benjamin, offers her perspective. What are the key factors that can affect a person’s immune system? The immune system is affected by a wide range of external factors, including genetics, infection, stress, a diet high

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Microbial Colonisation of the Gut - ProVen Probiotics

Key Message #3 – Opportunities to Affect Microbial Colonisation of the Gut

  Microbial Colonisation of the Gut The foetal and neonatal periods are the developmental periods of extraordinary plasticity (adaptation) and much of the structural and physiological development at this time is now known to remain with us into adulthood. By 12 months of age, the composition of the infant’s microbiome starts to resemble that of

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Choosing the right probiotic - Lab4

Key Message #2 – Choosing The Right Probiotic

The right probiotic There is a multitude of different probiotic products on the market, all containing different strains of live bacteria, in different combinations and at different amounts – and this can make it difficult to decide which product to use in any given situation. When deciding which to use, we would recommend using the

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Dr Nigel Plummer - microbiologist and probiotic specialist

Dr Nigel Plummer’s Keynote Speech at IHCAN Gut Conference 2017

Dr Nigel Plummer’s keynote speech Physiology and function of the microbiome in the small and large intestines Want to know more? Pro-Ven Probiotics aim to provide the best support for both you and your health. If you wish to know more about gut health, and staying healthy please do not hesitate to call us on

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