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Keeping your tummy festival happy

Gut friendly advice

The past few weekends have seen the start of the 2019 festival season and keeping your tummy happy with gut-friendly advice is a must, especially as they have become ever more popular in recent years, many of us will be off to at least one this summer.

Whether it is Glastonbury or your local cheese festival, attending a festival often involves camping, unusual foods, and alcohol and always includes dodgy toilets, limited washing facilities, and mud.

Whilst we are advocates of never keeping to it too clean – we all need bacteria in our lives to challenge our immune systems and help keep us healthy – giving our tummies a bit of extra support can help us to avoid anything too nasty (so we don’t have to visit the toilets even more often than usual!).

This is one situation where we would recommend you pack some antibacterial hand gel (and use it!), as well as ensuring you stay well-hydrated, get as much sleep as possible, take some nutritious snacks with you, and don’t forget your supplements – at the very least a multivitamin/mineral and a high-strength friendly bacteria supplement.

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