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Other Studies

In-vitro, ex-vivo and animal studies, PhD theses, posters, articles and reviews…

Multiple lines of approach have been used to interrogate the microbiota and its link with the other systems in the body. This has involved in-vitro and ex-vivo methods, with animal model systems being a particular focus for this category of research, including the use of germ-free mice, probiotics, antibiotics and stress-related situations.[1]

Other studies at Cultech

The research and science team at Cultech is at the forefront of this research, having undertaken more than 50 studies into the GI tract, the microbiota, probiotics and associated nutrients. The company has also supported almost 20 PhD students, many in the area of probiotics and the gut microbiota and more than 25 conference abstracts, research posters and oral presentations have contributed to this large body of both primary and secondary research.
[1] Dinan TG & Cryan JF 2017 Gut instincts: microbiota as a key regulator of brain development, ageing and neurodegeneration. J Physiol 595.2:489-503

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