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microbiome studies

Recent Microbiome Studies

We monitor the latest microbiome research and aim to list all the studies we come across that we feel might be of interest to our Practitioners.

B. infantis reduces risk of morbidity & mortality in preterm infants

Enteric inflammation reduced through supplementation This study carried out an assessment of the intestinal microbiome composition and the pre-term infant’s response to these colonizing bacteria. Infants born <32 weeks gestational age were fed B. infantis EVC001 8 × 109 CFU in MCT oil up until 34 weeks gestational age. Faecal samples from 77 premature infants were taken throughout

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Gut microbiome linked to health and longevity

Blood metabolites in late adulthood indicate health status This study analysed three independent cohorts comprising over 9,000 individuals to find an increasing compositional uniqueness of the gut microbiome, as a component of healthy ageing. Characteristics of which are highlighted by distinct microbial metabolic outputs in the blood. Furthermore, this study highlights the fact that the

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E-cigarettes linked to gut inflammation

Nicotine free vapour causes increased gut permeability Mice models of acute and chronic e-cigarette aerosol inhalation, mouse colon transcriptomics and mouse and human gut derived organoids in co-culture models, were assessed for the effects of e-cigarette use on the gut barrier. Results showed that e-cigarettes disrupt the integrity of the gut epithelial barrier. Acute exposure

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Early life nutrition and the development of the immune response

Immunity outlined by early feeding mechanism 38 neonates born by C-section, 16 of which were exclusively breastfed, 9 combination fed and 13 formula fed, formed the basis of this study. Blood and stool samples were taken at birth then at 3 weeks of age. Findings suggest that T cells or Tregs expand within the first

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