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AD – As a first time mum to Rosie, sleepless nights and fast-paced days at home have left me feeling exhausted. I want to have all the energy possible to play and have fun with my little girl and so I knew I needed an extra boost to help my body function better. When I was asked to try the Urgent-C Range by @provenprobiotics I was intrigued as I haven’t taken probiotics properly before. There are three products in the range, The Everyday Immune Support, Day Intensive and Night Intensive. Each product comes in a powder form in sachets, just mix it with water, it literally takes a couple of seconds.

I have been taking the Everyday Immune Support first thing in the morning. It’s such an easy way to get a wide spectrum of vitamins into your diet from the get go. Alongside Vitamin C, D, Folic Acid, Zinc and Selenium (just to name a few), it also contains Lab4 friendly bacteria to give your gut the health boost it needs.

The Day Intensive and Night Intensive are designed to give your body that extra boost when you’re feeling particularly run down, and I’ve been taking the Day Intensive for that reason exactly!

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