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AD This year I told myself it was time to shift those last few stubborn pounds I acquired from all the Christmas merriment and long before then. I know exercise and eating right are the obvious solutions to weight loss and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, however

I’m so excited and thrilled to introduce you all to the best probiotic in the world… now even better @provenprobiotics. The new ProVen Probiotics ShapeLine is the first ever probiotic to offer proven weight loss, alongside acknowledged health benefits, signifying a new era for probiotic supplements. According to studies conducted by ProVen Probiotics, it has impressive weight loss results achieved by simply taking a probiotic capsule alone, no changes to diet or exercise required. Now that’s impressive!

I’ve only just recently started taking a capsule a day and I can honestly see a positive change in my general wellness and improved overall health. Also each capsule has 50 billion Lab4 – the first human micro flora product shown to support weight loss and also contains Vit C, D and Zinc to support the immune system. I’m so glad ShapeLine helps me maintain my shape when I’m too busy by supporting my gut health and weight. Keep an eye out for an update on my progress after 3 months of use.
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What Mummy Loves, motherhood, fashion, lifestyle and home - a supporter of the ProVen brand
What Mummy Loves - a supporter of the ProVen brand
What Mummy Loves, social media influencer and a supporter of the ProVen ShapeLine brand
What Mummy Loves, social media influencer and a supporter of the ProVen brand
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50 billion - Shapeline

Gold standard Lactobacillus & Bifidus for a ‘Shapelier You’

6 for 4 bundle on 50 Billion banner - ShapeLine from ProVen Probiotics